About Us

Triumph Crystal World, a Singapore based business engages in online sales of a wide range of crystal types. Triumph Crystal World was founded by Mr.Derrick in November 2017. Initially, we started our business as a home-based bidding station and by our tireless works, we have established our own office, a showroom in Singapore, and two live stations overseas. We deal with all sorts of crystals and other display items for sale.

Our focus is on catering to the needs of the end-users who are engaged in crystal business and also who wanna start their business in this field. Our team consists of 21 professionals based locally and overseas who are committed to their work. We also aim to expand our team further to reach global success in our business ventures. In our crystal business, we have a strong working relationship with one of the biggest suppliers of crystals in China. We also have strong contacts with the leading factories that produce different types of items with the use of a variety of crystals. Reach us for the unique crystal collections as we are the one-stop destination for a wide range of exclusive crystals.

Our Memoir

With our strong relationship with the leading crystal factories, we work with the perception is to move our local brand towards international branding by setting up our company in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan, etc., for our global exposure.

Our goal is to offer a unique and explicit collection of crystal ornaments and display items made of crystal to decorate your interiors that satisfy customers’ needs at the highest standards. We also aim to cater to the needs of those who wish to start a crystal business.